How to comply

In the proposal: PIs are strongly discouraged from including any quantifiable commitments that are not included in the proposed budget to the sponsor.  If cost sharing is included in a proposal, the PI, in coordination with the department/local administrator, is responsible for identifying the type(s) of committed cost sharing sources and ensuring the budgeted cost share expenditures are allowable, allocable, reasonable, and consistently accounted for in accordance with University and sponsor policies.

During the project: PIs should coordinate with their department/local administrator to monitor cost sharing expenses during the duration of the project to make sure the costs are allowable and that the cost sharing commitment is being fulfilled.  If there are any increases or decreases in the cost sharing commitment, the PI and department/local administrator should coordinate with the sponsored office.

After project expiration: PIs and their department/local administrator should:

  • provide cost share information and confirm the cost sharing commitment has been met;
  • coordinate with OSP Research Finance to resolve any cost sharing discrepancies; and
  • assume any financial loss if cost sharing commitments are not met and sponsor does not approve a reduction of cost sharing commitment.