How to comply

PIs, in coordination with their department/local administrator, should be aware of the reporting schedule associated with each award and ensure that complete and accurate reports are submitted in a timely manner. Typical PI-required reports include the following:

  • Technical/Scientific Progress and Final Reports: Most sponsors have a required format and submission system (online or other). Responsibility for submitting required technical reports belongs to the PI.
  • Final Invention/Patent Reports: Most sponsors require that inventions or discoveries that are or may be patentable be reported to the sponsor.  If a PI believes s/he may have made an invention or discovery, the inventor should report it to the Office of Technology Development (OTD), using the Report of Innovation Form. This form provides the information that OTD needs to evaluate the invention or discovery and determine whether patenting is appropriate. The appropriate sponsored office will coordinate with OTD and the PI to collect the information necessary to prepare and submit any required patent or invention reports.
  • Property/Equipment Inventory Reports: PIs should provide any information to their department/local administrator to provide school/tub equipment managers the information required for award property closeout reports and annual government-owned property reports. PIs should request permission from the appropriate contact(s) before equipment is transferred, disposed, loaned, traded in, donated, sold, etc.

Other reports may be required by a specific award and, therefore, would be the responsibility of the PI and department/local administrator to complete. This may include a Foreign Travel Report, non-standard financial report, data management reporting, or other.